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Alpha Driving School offers driving courses for clients across Burton and
Swadlincote. Contact us for more information.


At Alpha Driving School, we can help you pass your practical driving test efficiently. You can also rely on us to train you for your hazard perception and theory test. Get in touch with us today, if you require more information regarding our services. Take a look at our links below to understand more about the process.
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Preparing you for your driving test

Below are some of the different driving situations that you may experience whilst driving on the roads preparing for your practical test
  • Roundabouts: marked or unmarked, how do you approach them? 
  • Mini roundabouts: what’s the difference from normal roundabouts?
  • Pedestrian crossings: what type are these?
  • Yellow box junctions: what are the rules?
  • Dual carriageways: motorways – how do you join and leave them?
  • Railway crossings: how to approach, what if I break down?
  • Narrow bridges: what could happen?
If you choose Alpha Driving School, we will work with you as a team to get you through your test as quickly and safely as we can. We will give you a skill that’s useful for the rest of your life.
theory test

Theory test

In addition to your practical test, we can also train you for your theory test. Take a look at the link below, to get more information about the theory test
Theory test
Theory test practice questions
Follow this link to practice your theory test questions
Theory test practice questions
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If you want to take up the hazard perception test, call Alpha Driving School
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